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ISC West is THE largest converged security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West, you will have the chance to network with over 30,000 security professionals through New Products & Technologies encompassing everything from access control to unmanned vehicles from over 1,000 Exhibitors & Brands. EVENT

Powered by ASIS International, SecurityXchange is an exclusive buyer-centered, executive-level solutions identification summit that matches your specific needs and challenges to technology providers who have solutions. EVENT

Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium goal is to promote the exchange of ideas and experience for the benefit of those people concerned with transmission and substation design and development. EVENT

Campion Technology Showcase September 14, 2021

The Campion team is proud to represent the Top Technology innovators in the industry. EVENT

The Transport Security Congress brings together business and security leaders from all sectors of passenger and goods transportation to discuss solutions to the evolving security and safety risk landscape.

The congress is the place to collaborate across all transportation sectors - maritime, aviation, transit, rail and trucking - and is supported by local operator, PortMiami who will be providing attendees with tours of their operations. EVENT

Security professionals from across the entire supply chain throughout the globe come to GSX for the most comprehensive security education and innovative technology in the world. And only ASIS International has the expertise, influence, and resources to deliver the industry’s flagship event. EVENT

Expo Seguridad Mexico is the leading security event in Latin America that brings together qualified buyers with exhibitors who presents new products and solutions, as well as attendees interested in developing their knowledge in our educational programs. Manufacturers, distributors, integrators and national and international end users come together year after year since 2002 to interact and exchange knowledge during 3 days dedicated entirely to the security industry. EVENT

ISC EAST New York City New York November 17 - 18, 2021

ISC East is the security industry’s most comprehensive East Coast event. Encompassing everything from Video Surveillance and Access Control to Smart Home Technologies, IoT and Unmanned Security, you’re sure to find products and services that will benefit your company and clients. EVENT

Intersec 2022 is taking place from the16 - 18 January unites the world of security, emergency response, safety and wellbeing once again in Dubai for its 23rd edition. Future foresight, bilateral cooperation and next generation tech is on the agenda attracting important global experts and influencers.

Our common goal is clear and we invite you to join us in - uniting for the safety and wellbeing of future generations.EVENT

2021 NEWS

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ThinkTech Hawaii  interviews Brad Solomon

Because Security Matters. The host for this episode is Andrew Lanning. The guest for this episode is Brad Solomon, Director of Business Development.
In this episode, Andrew and Brad discuss wide area detection and tracking applications using Compact Surveillance Radar.

2020 NEWS

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Privacy Laws Around the World

Surfshark , a digital security firm, introduces  Mapped: The state of drone privacy laws in (nearly) every country Drone privacy is serious business – and what gets you a great image in one country could get you a jail term in another. Finding these laws, however, is hit or miss – so this new research from Surfshark is a great place to start for world travelers. 12.01.20

A Tale of Three Radars

Radar sensing technology isn’t new, but it’s yet to hit the mainstream in the security world. Based on radar waves, the technology was developed for military use around the 1940s, and soon started sneaking into other commercial markets. Though many of the big players in the industry do not offer it, innovative companies have found success with a unique solution. And the number of offerings is only growing. 11.30.20

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Breaking: Drone Nearly Hit Air Force One

Multiple witnesses say a drone came too close for comfort with Air Force One as it headed toward a touchdown in Washington last night. The specially outfitted Boeing 747-200B was approaching an airport near Washington when several onboard saw the object, which most seem to agree was a drone. 08.17.20

Interagency Advisory Provides Guidance on Drone Detection and Mitigation Technology

The Department of Justice, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Communication Commission released a joint advisory on the acquisition and use of counter-drone equipment by non-federal public and private entities. 08.17.20

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Bringing Non-Cooperative Drone Traffic into UTM Solutions

Hundreds of drone security solutions are on the market or in development, relying primarily on RF and/or radar as well acoustic and... 08.11.20

Mass Drone Incursions Over Nuclear Power Plant 

Troubling incidents of protracted activity by swarms of drones, including a series of very strange incidents in Palo Verde and no changes. 07.29.20 

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A Misaligned Radar Blamed for Downing a Passenger Jet in Iran

Iranian investigators blamed the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet over Tehran earlier this year on the misalignment of an air defense unit's radar system, in a report issued late Saturday. 07.12.20 

How Airlines Park Thousands of Planes

The coronavirus has devastated the airline industry. U.S. air travel has dropped 95% compared to last year and the number of flights scheduled globally is down by 63%. More than 16,000 of the world’s commercial aircraft are grounded. 03.10.20

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Help Us Decipher This Terrifying Video Of A Suicide Drone Flying Up An Armored Vehicle’s Ramp 

A frightening video has emerged showing what appears to be a suicide drone attack on a wheeled armored vehicle that is surrounded by personnel. The drone seems to be some rudimentary man-in-the-loop remote controlled setup with a fixed forward-facing video camera and a single front-mounted propeller. 02.10.20

The “smarter” wall: How drones, sensors, and AI are patrolling the border 

In an era of increasingly polarized politics, there are few issues... The Trump administration has argued that the border wall is a necessary deterrent to drug smugglers and immigrants seeking to enter the country unlawfully. 02.07.20

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7 days in Iraq: How US-Iran conflict led to general’s death 

The long-simmering U.S.-Iran conflict hit a new level in just seven days, starting with the killing of an American contractor by an Iranian-backed rocket attack and culminating with the U.S. assassination of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani. 01.03.20

Chinese surveillance companies on U.S. blacklist still using Silicon Valley components 

In the two months since the U.S. government blacklisted eight Chinese companies suspected of helping authorities track and detain ethnic minority Uighurs, those firms are still using essential components from Silicon Valley, analysts and company statements suggest 12.20.19

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SpotterRF’s 3D-500 Radar Receives Commodity Jurisdiction Determination     
SpotterRF has received a commodity jurisdiction (CJ) determination from the US State Department for its 3D-500 radar. The CJ determination classifies the 3D-500 radar as a commercial product exportable under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) rather than the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that apply to military items. The CJ empowers the company to offer its best-in-class 360° full-dome radar to a broader global market.09.11.19 READ MORE

SpotterRf Introduces New Compact Surveillance Radar Products CK5 and... SpotterRF is releasing two new radar products, the CK5 and CK20. Both radars provide operating coverage in “cluttered” and “close” quarter areas. 08.29.19 READ MORE

SPOTTERai Auto Classification. SpotterRF, a manufacturer of industry-leading ground surveillance radar, is announcing it’s forthcoming software release for its NetworkedIO (NIO) 4.0 software platform which adds Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the automatic classification of targets.

SPOTTERai is an automatic track classification included as part of the NIO software that ensures a trainable neural network that based on low-level radar data automatically assigns a classification type and confidence level for each target. The use of AI and Machine Learning in the NIO assists in reducing false alerts and allows end-users to improve the performance of the system simply by manually selecting the type of targets being tracked and retraining the AI. “The AI classifier and trainer are an excellent tool to further reduce false alarms and reduce the workload on the operator. After the operator manually classifies 30 tracks or more of at least two different types the AI is able to differentiate between those types, such as between cars and people or birds and drones with confidence that increases as more tracks are classified”, said Logan Harris, CEO, and Founder of SpotterRF.

“With our new AI engine, customers will be able to focus on targets that matter. We’ve heard from our user base that they appreciate our NIO software being so flexible and easy to integrate with other systems. With the addition of AI, we ensure our products are even more valuable in preventing harm at their sites”. 04.18.19


SpotterRF Wins Again with Radar Series Optimized for UAV Detection.  SpotterRF, a leader in low-cost compact surveillance radar (CSR) has been named the Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for “Best UAV Perimeter Protection Solution” by American Security Today at ISC East in New York City. READ MORE

The threat of sUAS (small unmanned aerial systems or small drones) is dramatically increasing as they become more accessible to the public, both friend and foe. 09.24.18 READ MORE

At 3rd Presidential Debate

A radar solution by SpotterRF and Milestone’s video management software helped secure the debate venue’s air and ground perimeters.10.21.16  READ MORE

A state senator wants mobile radar systems to patrol US boundaries — and keep illegal immigrants out 05.29.14 READ MORE

Anti-Terrorism solution integrates low-cost radar and CCTV cameras for high level perimeter protection of critical infrastructure. 01.08.14 READ MORE

SpotterRF was one of 15 industry partners selected to participate in a Department of Defense demonstration seeking cutting edge technologies with high potential of improving the warfighter's mission effectiveness and survivability. 02.20.13 READ MORE

SpotterRF today announced that its new, patented radar technology will be used to protect public bridges managed by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA). Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is leading a project to upgrade the security at five Maryland bridges, 09.10.12 READ MORE

2018-2019 NEWS

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Experts discuss the impact of the Trump administration’s latest action against Chinese surveillance giants “Entity List”. 10.10.19 READ MORE


 EUCLID, Ohio-- Investigators say video shows drugs and a phone dropped by a drone in a local jail as jailers nationwide worry more about drones. The video comes from inside the Cuyahoga County Jail Euclid complex. 09.24.19  READ MORE


 Saudi Arabia has spent billions on state-of-the-art air defense and early warning systems, but a mix of cruise missiles and drones was able to penetrate its airspace on Saturday, inflicting substantial damage on the world’s largest oil processing plant at Abqaiq. 09.20.19  READ MORE


I don’t know how better to say it—there was some really shoddy and downright reckless reporting over the weekend on the Saudi oil infrastructure attacks. 09.16.19 READ MORE


Dubai: A Saudi Defence Ministry said that there was conclusive evidence of Iran’s involvement in the Aramco attack that also rocked global markets this week, a spokesperson said in a press conference in Riyadh. 09.18.19 READ MORE


If you weaponize your drone you can face fine of up to $25,000. There has been several instances where flamethrowers, guns and even fireworks have been equipped on drones. 08.25.19 READ MORE


A Georgia man pleaded guilty on Thursday to using a drone to try and drop a bag of marijuana into a prison, federal prosecutors said. It’s being called the first known criminal prosecution of a case under a drone registration law. 07.26.19 READ MORE


Drones (also called unmanned aerial vehicles or systems—UAVs or UAS) are becoming more common along the US-Mexico border as Mexican cartel assets. While typically considered a tool for smuggling [1], they are increasingly seen as having application for other purposes including espionage, surveillance, and as weapons. 06.25.19.  READ MORE


Yemen’s Iranian-allied Houthi rebels said Tuesday they attacked a Saudi airport and military base with a bomb-laden drone, an assault acknowledged by the kingdom as Mideast tensions remain high between Tehran and the United States. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The attack on the Saudi city of Najran came after Iran announced it has quadrupled its uranium-enrichment production capacity, though still a level far lower than needed for atomic weapons, a year after the U.S. withdrew from its nuclear deal with world powers.

Underlining the tensions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is seeking expanded executive powers to better deal with “economic war” triggered by the Trump’s administration’s renewal and escalation of sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic, the state-run IRNA news agency reported Tuesday. 05.21.19 READ MORE


Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih said on Tuesday that two oil pumping stations for the East-West pipeline had been hit by explosive-laden drones, calling the attack “an act of terrorism” that targeted global oil supplies.05.14.19 READ MORE


The Oro Negro rig is anchored off the coast of Campeche Pirates attacked and plundered an oil rig last Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico, locking up the crew while they looked for loot. 04.26.19 READ MORE

SPOTTERRF NEWS:Pemex has already taken steps in protecting their offshore platforms...
Many offshore platforms are locations of danger, especially in the Gulf of Mexico. Frequent security problems include, but are not limited to, theft, sabotage, vandalism and the smuggling of drugs and weapons. These are severe problems and generate a huge liability for Pemex. The tool that they have begun to use is radar. SpotterRF Compact Surveillance Radar and can see threats before they ever become one. They target, track and monitor the movements of humans, vehicles such as boats, and even drones. Since these compact radars can see over a kilometer out over the water, they catch the bad guys before they cross the perimeter.

Able to withstand and see in harsh weathers, SpotterRF radar is essentially never blind, making them the perfect solution for catching smugglers, vandalizers and thieves. Once verified with integrated PTZ Camera video recording, action can be taken to mitigate or eliminate the threat. Pemex has already seen great results from using this security solution. 

SpotterRF provides a feasible and low-cost solution for many security applications. Pemex’s offshore sites are just one example of how compact radar have saved time, resources and money in making critical infrastructure safe.


 “Approximately two minutes after the object returned back to Mexico for the third time, a group of 10 subjects made an illegal entry into the U.S. in the same area in which the object had been traveling,” read a statement from the agency, noting that all 10 were quickly taken into custody. “This is the first known time in recent history that a drone has been utilized as a ‘look-out’ in order to aid in illegal entries in the El Paso Sector.” 04.18.19  MORE READ


Some South Texans say they’d rather live with constant surveillance by Border Patrol than a physical barrier. At the same time hundreds cross the border in Arizona on video. 05.9.19



Imagine swarms of undersea, surface, and aerial drones hunting submarines hidden in the vastness of the ocean. Or imagine hundreds of airborne drones darting through New York City, seeking out targets and dosing them with nerve agent. These imaginary scenarios are not yet reality, but they are quickly becoming so. Drone swarm technology could have a significant impact on every area of military competition, from enhancing supply chains to delivering nuclear bombs. 02.14.19 READ MORE


As more UAVs take to the skies, experts say the ability of law enforcement and security to mitigate the risks they pose is hampered For years, security experts have warned about the myriad threats presented by consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones. 01.15.19 READ MORE


Polar bears international is piloting a research project called the Spotter RF, which is a radar system capable of withstanding extreme weather. Polar Bears International is testing whether it could detect polar bears and serve as an early warning system for Arctic communities. If wildlife managers can spot a polar bear as it approaches a town or work station, they will be able to use non-lethal deterrents to drive the bear away— keeping both polar bears and people safe. This project is in partnership with Utah’s Hogle Zoo, the Town of Churchill, Milestone Systems, and Spotter RF. 10.24.18 WATCH MORE