Filters on NetworkedIO

NetworkedIO is a powerful tool in reducing nuisance alarms and targeting behaviors.

Create Smart Alarms

Filters make NetworkedIO a powerful tool for reducing nuisance alarms and targeting specific behaviors.

To illustrate the powers of filters, consider an example of a remote oil plant with access all round. During the day vehicles are expected to be traveling up to the site, pedestrian traffic is expected in and around the site but not approaching the site. Any traffic in or around the site at night is abnormal thus, it should trigger an alert.

With a simple zone-based alert system, operators would have to manually filter all the nuisance alarms (alarms created by normal activity). With filters, we can create rules to automatically filter out the normal day to day activity while maintaining a watchful eye for the abnormal.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Filtering by Target Type

SPOTTERai is programmed in the NIO system, with AI and Machine Learning controls, for identifying and classifying targets in real-time. Filtering out birds from a drone is important at an airport or any critical facility. SPOTTERai offers confidence in the control of false alarms and costly errors.

Filters Reduce Alarms

Filter by Target Type  |  Zone  |  Speed  |  Distance  |  Duration of Time

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