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Saving Lives with Spotter Global. Military Applications range widely and have already saved hundreds of lives.
Peace of mind on the battlefield.

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Using Spotter Radar in the Military

Spotter Radar is all-weather, 24/7 ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) Wide Area Detection Sensors with a small form factor. These systems can be deployed using existing infrastructure, saving time-on-site and reducing overall system, cost, or as a mobile solution for warfighters as well. Works in fog, rain, snow, wind, dust, and no-light conditions.

“Since we can make Spotter radar operational from the pack to track in just a few minutes, we minimize the time our troops are at greatest risk. This ultimately saves lives.” PAUL DIAMOND, SGT. 1ST CLASS, CAMP WILLIAMS

Military Applications

Access Controlled Sensitive Sites

Reduce the need for manpower and resources by automatically queuing the camera to an alert, enhancing the effectiveness of security personnel and giving them increased situational awareness.

CBRN Storage Sites

Enhance visual on suspicious activity both on the ground and in the air, in or outside the perimeter. Increased intelligence helps identify and respond to impending intrusions by queuing the camera to targets inside zones of higher importance.

Airfield Surveillance

Fully continuous air and ground surveillance that operates 24/7. The system generates immediate and accurate alerts and automatically executes desired cameras to provide visual when animals, people, or vehicles and/or aircraft are in the vicinity.

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Expeditionary Units & Force Protection OCONUS

Provide 360 degrees of situational awareness for optimal ground and aerial coverage, giving advanced detection and visual on any potential threat. The quick setup and takedown of radars and kits provide rapid mobility of the unit.


Provides maximum information and data on unknown targets delivering the situational expertise needed to allow informed decisions and commands to be executed.

LTATV Mounted

When camped out or as a roadblock, the radar provides vital information for the safety and efficiency of the squad and its objectives.

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Counter UAS

It creates a virtual dome of detection for any small or large UAV. The radar system provides 3D coordinates for desired UAV mitigation systems.

“Spotter Global provides a unique radar motion detection ability in a small, cost-effective package that will be of great benefit to the government, military, and industrial security markets.”


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Protection from Drones

Providing a full hemispherical detection area, this revolutionary radar’s radius ranges from 250m to 500m. Using Advanced Detection and Classification algorithms and the same NIO interface and camera integration as all the other radars, the camera is automatically, yet expertly, cued to up to 30 drones. With such rapid deployment, task mitigation solutions are widely available.

“Spotter Global is an amazing force multiplier. It is unimpeded by weather conditions and saves critical minutes by creating a quicker visual assessment of a potential threat.”


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3D-500 Radar System

The 3D-500 utilizes smart filters for automatic detection of sUAS (small drones) with 3D tracking and autonomous camera control to the target, in real-time, for rapid threat assessment. It provides enhanced situational awareness and reduces manpower and cost to protect our forces from aerial threats. Without operator interference, it also controls directional kinetic/RF mitigation solutions for denial/defeat. This solution creates a feasible autonomous security measure against undesired aerial presence.

Download: Military Applications.