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End on Apr 17, 2020
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Ed Knoch

Edward has worked in IT in Anchorage and Alberta, Canada for the past 26 years. He started his development activities as a developer for a GIS firm out of Calgary (Projections Mapping Group) and is until recently operated a consulting firm in Alaska. He has developed in SmallTalk, C, C++, C#, J2EE, VB.Net and PowerBuilder. Additionally, Edward has created numerous front-end interfaces for customers in both the Client/Server and Thin/Client domains.

For the past five years, Edward has worked with, specified, installed and supported the SpotterRF product line. During that time, he was involved in numerous Arctic deployments of SpotterRF and provided guidance and support for the creation of integrations into Milestone systems for SpotterRF. Edward believes that SpotterRF represents the best that can come from American Manufacturing when innovation and solutions based development are the focus. SpotterRF is a revolutionary radar solution that was designed, built and supported in the US for perimeter protection. Customers, including Edward, have seen their products grow far beyond this limited scope. For everything from wildlife tracking to UAV tracking and acquisition.

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Date & Time

April 17, 2020

10:00 AM 11:00 AM MST



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