SpotterRF techtalk - VMS Integration with Airship

Technology partner integrations with special guest speaker Tyler Thomas.

End on May 1, 2020
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Ken Gardner

Ken Gardner began his career in the security industry in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010 as a field technician installing access control, door hardware, and CCTV equipment. Over the years he continued to gain experience and certifications in a variety of enterprise-level VMS and access control systems, eventually moving from an installation and service role to an engineering position. 

Ken Joined SpotterRF in 2019 as an applications engineer and soon transitioned to a position in business development. He is currently assigned to the military and government vertical though he also has experience working with electrical utilities and reclamation sites.

Tyler Thomas 

Tyler Thomas is a Sales Engineer for Airship Industries working in the western US and specializes in Federal Law Enforcement and Department of Defense applications. He was a Field Applications Engineer for SpotterRF, and also was SOF Communications Sergeant focused around the use of ISR Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance applications for the US Department of Defense.

His experience started with the US Army with satellite communications and then transitioned into a more tactical radio position. During his time in the military he was the end user on many different force protection type sensors and was in-charge of the maintenance and operation of all the technology equipment for his team. He started with SpotterRF and quickly became trained in the CUAS application SpotterRF offers. During that time he has attended many operational and training environments for both the ground and air applications that SpotterRF currently offers. Currently with Airship he has been designing and implementing solutions for the US Government. During his career he has been involved in many different network environments that call for many different sensors that include: both covert and overt camera technologies, radar, and many different types of network that include, LTE, point to multipoint radios, fiber and microwave.  

Date & Time

May 1, 2020

1:00 PM 2:00 PM MST7MDT



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