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Blue Force Tracking

End on Aug 6, 2020
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Blue Force Tracker

Use Case

"In many situations such as ISPS-ports or CSRA-areas at airports, detected movements are nothing but false positives generated by authorized staff. This causes unnecessary pressure on the security operators who need to stay focused on real threats and security breaches. Besides the threat from unknown intruders also authorized staff and their movements need to be monitored in high-security facilities. All together the vision is to avoid situations where the system cries wolf too often. Using Blue Force Tracker helps security operators not only to keep track of authorized staff but also to let authorized staff access alert zones without causing false positives. Blue Force Tracker is also valuable when security operators are supposed to coordinate first responders at the scene where a breach has been detected and within its proximity where the intruders last were seen". 

Date & Time

August 6, 2020

11:00 AM 12:00 PM EST5EDT



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