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SpotterRF integrations into Milestone VMS.

End on May 28, 2020
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Ryan Hutchinson

Ryan Hutchinson has a Diploma from SAIT in Automated Systems Engineering Technologies which took him right out for Post secondary up north where he worked in Fort MacMurray Oil Sands Region for 2 years. When he left the oil sand he found a job working at a Locksmith company in Calgary. He quickly moved from Keying doors to installing access control at the locksmithing company where he learned the basics of access control and CCTV. He was in that role for 6 years when he moved over to a larger security firm in Calgary and quickly moved up within that firm from technician to project manager. He specialized in CIP/NERC regulations, physical security, as well as supporting new commercial installations in the Southern Alberta region. Ryan was brought on with SpotterRF in April 2019 and has been supporting the SpotterRF Product line ever since bringing in new Verticals like Cannabis and border protection to the Canadian Market.

McKay Tenney

McKay Tenney is the Business Development Manager of the Western U.S. specializing in electrical utilities and global data centers. Utilizing SpotterRF' superior radar technology, he has been involved in creating powerfully-efficient Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. His approach to providing these solutions have cut project costs and installation time by 50% in many cases to some of the world's largest data center clients and to several of the top 10 Electrical Utilities in the United States.

Securing the fence line has long been regarded as the primary method of a traditional perimeter intrusion detection system. SpotterRF radar solutions disrupt that way of thinking by providing a far superior alternative; detecting and tracking potential threats long before they reach the perimeter with a technology that never sleeps and sees all, under any weather condition. This method is illuminating the PIDS market due to its extremely effective ability to dramatically increase response time and situational awareness. By providing the most advanced, short-range radar solutions available, we have dominated the market for more than a decade and will continue to do so as we help our growing customers secure their critical assets at thousands of locations across the globe.

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David King

David King is the Enterprise Account Manager for SpotterRF working in the central US and specializing in Oil and Gas and Smart and Safe Cities initiatives. He was the Senior Key, Account Manager, for the largest VMS for seven years with a focus on enterprise security solutions for cities, transportation, and critical infrastructure. He has over 25 years’ experience working in the surveillance and computer networking industry, the last 18 years working exclusively in the IP surveillance market.

His experience started in the intelligent transportation systems market with smart sensor and variable message signs utilizing analog surveillance cameras over fiber optic transport. He also assisted in the design and deployment of some of the first and largest IP covert and overt surveillance projects in the Americas utilizing off the shelf technologies with wireless mesh, cellular, and fiber-optic networks. Also, he assisted in the design and implantation of large sporting venues, political events, and global critical Infrastructure deployments, encompassing multi-able, redundant, and large command and control centers. Most recently, he has been working with Smart Cities’ in the discussions and design of video utilizing AI and IoT integrations.

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May 28, 2020

11:00 AM 12:00 PM EST5EDT



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