Data Centers

Data Centers store critical and proprietary assets that are vital to an organizations continuity of daily operations,
makes them a target for attacks.

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Critical Facilities Growth

Currently, zettabytes of data are stored and accessed around the world. With the implementation of 5G, new data centers will need to be built to accommodate a greater amount of data being stored and accessed. SpotterRF can provide security solutions for these critical facilities.   


Data Centers are open to corporate attacks, monitoring, and physical espionage. The 2020 State of the Data Center Report shows that 50 percent of respondents said the biggest security concerns are “outside human threats” and 46 percent noted advanced persistent threats “such as theft of IT and corporate data”. Other threats include the sabotage of equipment that could impair data center operations leading to downtime for users. These are some of the threats which security teams need to mitigate to protect people, assets, and perimeters.

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SpotterRF perimeter security is an integrated layered approach against data center threats. SpotterRF provides:

Custom site planning
Drone detection radar systems
Radar coverage on and beyond the perimeter fence
Optional mobile and/or solar-powered trailer
Low amount of nuisance alarms
SPOTTERai automatic classification of targets
NIO software including customizable zones, actions, and filters

SpotterRF products can be used in conjunction with existing and new security systems, and we have integrations with all major PTZ and VMS systems.