About SpotterRF

Since our founding in 2009, the priorites at SpotterRF have been simple:

Make a difference by Preventing Harm from coming to our customers and the people and facilities that they protect.

Develop and help our employees to progress in their careers and capabilities.

Make a profit in order to accomplish the first two priorities.

As a company, we are different then most companies you will come across. We will tell you when we don’t think we are the best solution for your problem and give you suggestions on who might perform better for your situation. We are privately held and are in this for the long haul and are building SpotterRF to keep solving these problems for the next hundred years at least. The members of our business development team are engineers and will give you a straight answer to your questions and if they don’t know, they will tell you that.

Julian Critchfield, President, and CEO of SpotterRF is a seasoned executive with extensive global high tech and management experience. Julian and SpotterRF’s team of engineers are committed to serving SpotterRF’s customers by continuing the development of the best Radar Technologies in the world to assist our customers in building the most advanced perimeter security systems.

Our Team
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SpotterRF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. It is our promise to ensure quality products, efficient management processes, and dependable service to meet the needs of our customers to a high degree of satisfaction in the manufacture and assembly of micro surveillance equipment for private, commercial, and government industries.